Buddy Bomar (1950)


ABC Hall of Fame, 1966

#18 Bowler of the 20th Century

Bowlers Journal Bowler of the Decade, 1940s

Bowler of the Year, 1944-45, 1946-47

All-American, 1942-43, 1943-44, 1944-45, 1948-49, 1949-50

All Star champion, 1944-45

Match Game Doubles champion, 1944, 1950

2 ABC championships (1956-T, 1956-TAE)

Petersen Classic winner, 1947 (spring), 1947 (fall)

3 Responses to “Buddy Bomar (1950)”

  1. theryan42@sbcglobal.net Says:

    Buddy’s son Bobby was one of my best friends in the mid 50’s in Chicago. Spent time at Buddy’s house. I remember seeing Buddy playing gin in his basement with Johnny King, with all his awards on the walls and shelves.
    Rich Bodenshok

  2. Donald Miller Says:

    Bobby Bomar lived behind me in Chicago. When did you know him?
    Do you know what his mother’s name was?

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