Chene-Trombly Recreation—Detroit (1979)


6354 Chene St.


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  1. David Sobanski Says:

    Does anyone have any pictures besides this ?

    • Says:

      Did you find any pictures of Chene-Trombly Rec? I’m John Paulus’ great-grand daughter and would love to see them!

  2. Says:

    My Great-Grandfather, John Paulus owned Chene-Trombly Recreation. I would love to have any pictures as well.

  3. David Sobanski Says:

    I have been contacting many sources looking for photos, and the son of the Detroit News Sports photographer for the 1940s and 1950s is someone I just discovered who has a cache of photos.


  4. David Sobanski Says:

    Robert W Losin. I think he lives either in Southfield or Warren Michigan. He’s about 53 or 54.

  5. David Sobanski Says:

    Was not Andrew Baird a co-owner with John Paulus ?

    • Says:

      According to what I’ve been told, the Paulus’ was sole owners of Chene-Trombly Rec. John Paulus owned several businesses throughout the years – maybe Andrew Baird was a co-owner in one of the others.

      • David Sobanski Says:

        debrard – please check your email.

      • David Sobanski Says:

        “… Chene Trombly bowl. Two floors with the upper being a manual pin set, with pin setters. Great fun to toss one ball, then the other after it to try and get the pin setters. …” . “… The restaurant was there in 1928, as Chene Trombly Restaurant. Don’t know if it was the same building.The addresses listed at 6338 and 6344 were listed as vacant. There also was a Liberty Candy Kitchen there at 6360. Addresses are on the Sanborn by the building on the street….” … “…Chene Trombly bowling alley was the place for fun. Ten pin was the name of the restuarant, and the Ten pin special was a hot dog with cheese and bacon wrapped around it. …,
        Next door to the lanes was the Pro shop owned by the Lisowski brothers. I bowled with Joe, of course he was in his 60s by then, in the seventies. Great guy. Went to school with his neice’s Joanne and Connie. Joe Paulus owned the bowling alley. I thought all the lanes were pinsetters. Never upgraded to automatics. …”

  6. David Sobanski Says:

  7. David Sobanski Says:

  8. J.R. Schmidt Says:

    Hi Everyone–
    It looks like my picture of Chene-Trombly is facilitating some connections, and I’m glad of that. I’m from Chicago, so I never bowled there. But I did get to know both Joe Norris and Ed Lubanski before they passed on.

    • David Sobanski Says:

      Mr. Schmidt,
      Dad’s photo albums have several pictures of Joe Norris and Ed Lubanski with Dad as Dad was the BPAA Tournament Director starting in 1953 and ran the All-Stars for BPAA until 1960. The scrapbooks for Dad are like an encyclopedia of bowling in the 1950s and is super cool.

      • J.R. Schmidt Says:

        Joe and Ed were both fine men, as well as great bowlers. Detroit sure has some nice people.

  9. Dennis Spence Says:

    What ever happened to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith founded by Bishop S.C. Johnson which was located at 5373 Chene Street, is it still there?

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      I haven’t been in the neighborhood for years, so I don’t know. You might want to check Google Earth.

      • Debby Rard Says:


        I am John Paulus’ great granddaughter, Debby Rard. The old Chene-Tromby Recreation Center has been gone for years. I’ve attached the few photos that I have.

        The Rec Center before it was torn down.

        > My Great Grandfather, John Paulus Owner of the Rec Center.


  10. tonio wilkes Says:

    GREAT PICS!!!! do you have a pic of the large apartment building/hotel that was at the corner of chene street & east grand blvd.? it was demolished when they were building GM’s poletown plant. i was attending cooley high school at the time and catching the clairmount bus when i used to pass it. do you also have a pic of the old chene-trombley market & jos.campau ave.that was taken by the plant? my dad’s old girlfriend lived on jos.campau north of i-94 back in the 70’s. do you also have an old pic of the old dubois ave. bridge over i-94? thanx in advance,i love old vintage pics like yours.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      I don’t have any more pictures of the area> But as you’ll note, many people have commented on Chene-Trombly already. Perhaps one of them can help you.

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