Birdie Kern (1907)


aka Birdie Kern Humphreys

WIBC Hall of Fame, 1976

2 WIBC championships (1920-S, 1920-T)

First woman to bowl a 300 game (1914)

2 Responses to “Birdie Kern (1907)”

  1. Sallie Spivak Says:

    Birdie was my Great Aunt. I have all her bowling memorabilia and epineuria. I am looking for a museum or hall of fame that might be interested in purchasing it.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Try the International Bowling Museum in Arlington, Texas. If you can’t come to a deal with them, you could contact the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis—Birdie’s dad Martin Kern was a famous bowler there. I don’t know what the market would be on ebay, but that’s always a possibility.

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