Abraham Lincoln Langtry (1914)


ABC Hall of Fame, 1963

ABC Secretary, 1907-1932

One Response to “Abraham Lincoln Langtry (1914)”

  1. Owen Carlson Says:

    Dr Jake

    Thanks for this wonderful trip down memory lane. Wow.

    I was born in 1939 and grew up in Holland, Michigan. We could receive Chicago TV over the lake so I saw many of the early TV shows out of Chicago.

    I bowled in Grand Rapids for a while before I joined the Navy. On August 21, 1956 I acted as scorekeeper for a match between the Detroit Pfeiffers team and the local allstars, who were not pushovers by any means. The Pfeiffers crew won.

    I collected the autographs of the Pfeiffers that night: George Young, Therm Gibson, Lou Sielaff, Steve Nagy, and Eddie Lubanski. If you’d like a .jpg of the autographs, I’d be happy to send it to you.


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