Brunswick Automatic Ball Cleaner (1951)


16 Responses to “Brunswick Automatic Ball Cleaner (1951)”

  1. Scott Says:

    As I recall, it used a wire brushes only, ideal for the rubber balls of the era. In production for many years up until Brunswick replaced it with the Lustre King I believe. The Lustre King differed by using a dense cloth buffing wheel and utilized a compound block for a polishing agent. Also an excellent machine if properly maintained.
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    • John Milano Says:

      Model we have has wire brushes on one side ..part no. 116-32-20; and polishing brushes on the other side, part no. 116-32-21. Betcha’ we can’t order from Brunswick with thos numbers. But I might try.

  2. J.R. Schmidt Says:

    We used to joke that repeated use of these wire-brush machines gradually made your bowling ball smaller. That’s how we kidded a guy the first time he put the ball through the baby split (3-10) without hitting either pin. Of course, that kind of thing happens regularly today.

  3. How To Bowl fan Says:


  4. Mike Harrington Says:

    I have one that I am restoring and rebuilt It will look great!

    • John Milano Says:

      Our center has one of these an we are having difficulty finding any kind of parts for ours, particularly the actual cleaning brushes, any chance you could steer us in the right direction?

      • J.R. Schmidt Says:

        I don’t know of a source, but we do have thousands of readers passing through here. Can anybody out there help?

    • Anthony Derigo Says:

      I’m interested in seeing your restored machine.

  5. Danette Says:

    How can I find out what one of these is worth?

  6. Bole-Mor Lanes Says:

    We have one of these in our bowling alley, functions great. We too are having problems finding any parts for it, so we use it sparingly. If anyone on here knows of any place could you let me know as well?

    • Anthony Derigo Says:

      I just acquired one myself. fixed the lever switch and got it working today. Found a supplier for the switches. Only getting started on my endeavor to maintain it.

  7. Rodney Miller Says:

    I just purchased a unit I ddn’t know anything about it model # 90 or something like that…

  8. J Says:

    We have one of these machines for sale.

  9. Heidi Gillingham Says:

    Have one of these for sale. Who can i get ahold of to sell.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      As you’ll notice, readers post sales items here from time to time. That’s okay with me. But if someone does sell something by listing it here, please let me know. I won’t ask for a commission—just curious.

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