Andy Varipapa for Goodyear (1967)



4 Responses to “Andy Varipapa for Goodyear (1967)”

  1. How To Bowl fan Says:

    Andy was my favorite trick shooter and probably the first. He was famous for picking up the 7-10 split using two balls.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      What many people forget–or don’t know–Andy was a helluva “straight” bowler, too. He was named Bowler-of-the-Year when he was 57 years old.

  2. Bob Montag Says:

    Andy was on the Jackpot Bowling TV show when he was close to 70. He didn’t win a big jackpot, but he was the only one on the show to throw 9 strikes in a row.

  3. Stone8pin Says:

    I watched him for a whole day filming a 5 minute segment for the TV show “That’s Incredible !” at Bayside Lanes, Bayside, NY around 1977-78. He really was incredible !

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