Don Brokaw (1935)


1 ABC championship (1935-S)


2 Responses to “Don Brokaw (1935)”

  1. Drockwell Says:

    The 1935 date showing Don Brokaw with a “Ned Day” 3 finger grip ball, seems to contradict the date for the image of the Brunswick ad for the Ned Day grip stating 1939 ? Can anyone explain please?

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The Brokaw picture is from from the “ABC Bulletin,” April-May 1935, page 17. Actually, the three-hole grip had been in use for years by then. The Ned Day Grip referred to in the 1939 ad was a patented three-hole drilling involving particular types of pitch on the holes. (How they could enfore patent rights, I’ll never know!)

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