Rainbo Lanes

Rainbo Lanes-a

3956 W. Diversey Ave.


11 Responses to “Rainbo Lanes”

  1. Greg Says:

    Does anyone remember the old Northwest Bowl on Milwaukee Ave. ?

  2. Bob Gabriel Says:

    I bowled at Rainbo Lanes some 60 years ago. When it burned down, it burned for a few days and nothing much was left but ashes.

  3. Bob Gabriel Says:

    This happened perhaps around 1963 at Fireside Bowl on Fullerton and a few blocks East of California. Fireside was owned by Hank Sophie at that time. Mr. Sophie must have been ahead of his time regarding our LGBT citizens.

    He invited a league of lady bowlers to bowl…It was an entire league of lesbians. They may have bowled for a month or longer but back then the regular guys really let loose with nasty comments to the ladies, so bad that eventually Mr. Sophie had to ask the ladies to leave. To bad….

  4. rtree Says:

    Greg- I found a couple of pictures of Northwest Bowl on the Picturing Chicago website. The pictures were taken about a decade ago, before the sign was taken down, but the building still stands today.

  5. Rob Reid Says:

    An amazing collection of photos of the 1950 Rainbo Lanes fire surfaced online today! The bowling alley, at the northeast corner of Diversey and Pulaski, was reputedly the first alley in Chicago to feature automatic pinsetting. Also of note, the alley’s boss Sam Shakman was the father of Michael Shakman- lawyer behind the famous patronage-busting Shakman Decrees of 1970.


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