Schlitz Beer—Kansas City (1960)

(L-R)--Glen Blakesley, J.D. Smith, Jim Soptic, Bob Chase, Dan Steffee, Dawes Comins


2 Responses to “Schlitz Beer—Kansas City (1960)”

  1. Randy Brown Says:

    There was a local TV show that aired in Kansas City sometime around 1960-62 that was taped each week (in the very early days of videotape) at King Louie East Lanes at 79th and Troost Avenue in Kansas City. The show was called The King Louie Show. I don’t recall the exact format, but it pitted local pro bowlers in head-to-head matches for the right to advance and meet the reigning “King of the Hill” for weekly honors (and no doubt a cash prize). Three of the bowlers whom I remember frequently appearing on that show are in this photograph: Dan Steffee, J. D. Smith and Bob Chase. Dan Steffee was my favorite, as I think he was the youngest (I was just 10 at the time) and I admired his “circle 8” backswing style (more common back in those days of full rollers). The show was hosted by local celebrity Mickey Finn, and I can’t recall the other voice in the booth with him but I want to say it was either a local pro or local sports anchor. The show aired each week on WDAF-TV Channel 4. Oh, boy, I’d love to get my hands on a kinescope of that show. Great stuff!

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Not being from Kansas City, I never saw that show. But if anyone has videos, I’d love to see them, too.

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