Falstaff Beer—St. Louis (1964)

FRONT--Harry Smith, Glenn Allison REAR--Andy Marzich, Billy Welu, Jim St.John, Dick Hoover


2 Responses to “Falstaff Beer—St. Louis (1964)”

  1. Doug Cooper Says:

    Most of the Falstaff team members shown here appeared on the Brunswick Advisory Staff at one time or another. I remember watching them (individually) on an old syndicated TV show called, “Top Star Bowling.” However, I have been unable to locate any other person who remembers this show and sometimes wonder if it was a figment of my imagination. By the way, I love your website!

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The Bowling Museum has copies of “Top Star Bowling.” I rented a few from the Museum when it was in St. Louis. Now that they’ve unpacked in Texas, you should be able to access them. They also have almost every match from the 200-plus “Championship Bowling” shows–but only two shows from “Bowling Stars.”

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