Strachota’s Milshore Bowl—Milwaukee

                           251 E. Capitol Dr. 

8 Responses to “Strachota’s Milshore Bowl—Milwaukee”

  1. Nick Serio Says:

    What year did this bowling alley close?
    Does anyone remember the exact year the place was demolished???

  2. Nick Serio Says:

    My grandmother, Mary Serio, and my Grandfather, Carl Serio used bowl here. They lived not to far from the bowling alley’s address. We probably have old movies of this place, that goes back to the 70s.
    But I did have a dream a few weeks ago that the place was in fact demolished and in the dream was a torn down door – you couldn’t enter the place. Still fantasy aside, I need to know when it closed.

  3. Brian Z Says:

    June 30th 1994 and I was there.

  4. B Strachota Says:

    Still can’t believe I never got to experience this place…

  5. Mike G. Says:

    I met my wife in the bar there in 1980. Good times at Square D!

  6. David Vedder Says:

    Strachotas Milshore was started up by Reuben Strachota, my father in law. Reubens son David took over ownership and management during challenging times for bowling establishments. David closed the Milshore due to lack of business and the difficulty of maintaining quality staff. I spent many an evening watching my wife bowl, Beth Strachota Vedder. David was president of the Wisconsin Bowlers Proprietor’s assoc and was recently enshrined into the Wisconsin Bowling hall of fame. Very sad and difficult times for all bowling establishments. .

  7. Mari Bredeau Says:

    I was a waitress in the restaurant that was located in the same building.

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