Elvin Mesger (1974)


         Long-time record-holder for most 300 games


4 Responses to “Elvin Mesger (1974)”

  1. Dave Williams Says:

    Wondering if I might be able to use your photo of Elvin Mesger for an article that I’m writing for a bowling publication. I will give you proper acknowledgement below the photo – let me know how you want it worded. No one at USBC/BPAA seem to know who it is! They are researching for me…

    Dave Williams

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The Elvin Mesger photo is from the 1975 ABC Yearbook, so check with the USBC for the rights. There’s a whole John Archibald feature story about Mesger in that publication. During the 1990s I interviewed him for my column. That story is reprinted in my book The Bowling Chronicles. Please let me know when your article appears. Best of luck!

  2. Dave Williams Says:

    Okay, thanks. I will check with USBC.

  3. Dave Williams Says:

    Matt Cannizzaro of USBC approved the photo. The article appears in this week’s edition of California Bowling News, which you can view at http://www.californiabowlingnews.com (photo included!).

    Dave Williams

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