Palisade Lanes

Palisade Bowl

11550 S. Halsted St.


18 Responses to “Palisade Lanes”

  1. brian warr Says:

    Man I started bowling here in the early 70’s til it closed. We had GREAT times in this establishment. I really miss it.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      I’m from the NW Side, and only bowled at Palisade once, in the Illinois State Tournament. The main thing I remember is that we bowled next to Don McCune, before he became famous.

    • Barb Zins Says:

      Our dad was one of the owners of Palisade Bowl from the late 60’s until until late 80’s. Our family also has so many fond memories of our time spent there. It is so nice to read that other people did as well. -The Zins Family

      • Betty Johnson Says:

        Thanks Barb for your input. A lot of bowlers were extremely disappointed when Palisades closed. Of course, it has been some years now, but when I drive pass the area, I can’t help but think of the good times I had there!

      • Derrick Stokes Says:

        I remember the Zinns and the Girsh’s. Hope I didn’t butcher the Names to bad. Mrs. Zinn and Mrs. Girsh ran our junior league program. When I won hi average in the preps in the late 70s they presented me with the trophy. Those are very fond memories. Palisade was my home away from home and I truley miss it. My running joke is I went and bought me a house with the same numerical address. 11550 s. I bowled, ate, drank, hung out and even worked there.

    • E.J.. Says:

      Me too B

  2. Betty Johnson Says:

    A lot of my spare time was spent at Palisades in the 1970’s and 80’s. On Tuesday nights, you could find our all women’s league, “Lady Steppers”. These women were some of the best bowlers in the city. We had great times. I remember also there was a great restaurant there also. That made for good eating after we finished bowling!

  3. Derrick Stokes Says:

    I was a porter here when I was 16. The manager who we called “Spoon” who unfortunately just passed away only hired teenagers as porters and we will always grateful for that. From 1974 (I was 8 years old) until it closed palisade was my heart and second home. My best childhood, teenage and early adult memories. It is dearly missed.

    • Joe Geeter Says:

      Derrick, I worked for Mr Weatherspoon (Spoon) myself for a few years. You are correct in he only hired us kids because we got paid in cash or free bowling

  4. Patty (Zins) Roberts Says:

    Was the manager you called “Spoon” real name Sebastian?? I also am the daughter of Ted Zins, one of the owners, My name is Patty. It it so good to hear how much fun you had at our bowling alley. We did too!! It was so much fun to bowl there!

    • Derrick Stokes Says:

      Yes, His name was Sebastian (Spoon) Whitherspoon. Nice to meet you Patty. I promise when I hit the Lottery for $350 Million I’m gonna build Palisade back. I know where every Brick, Tile, Office, Lane, Bar and Restaurant was. LOL!!

    • Jim Dulleck Says:

      My name is Jim Dulleck. I bowled in junior league in 1960,s, and spent a lot of days at Palisades just hanging out watching other bowlers, etc. I went to St. Catherines at 117th & Lowe, and lived just down the block at 116th & Lowe. Many great memories of Palisades.

      • Derrick Stokes Says:

        Wow. Jim I went to Brenan Elementary School on 115th and Eggleston. I lived on a 116th and Parnell.

  5. D.Warr Says:

    I remember bowling there too in the juniors league and as in the adult and it was a pot game and always eating chicken wings and drinking beer

  6. ROBERT C. Newson Jr. Says:

    I start bowling at Palisade in Oct of 1969 I left Chicago in 1972 but would visit the lanes when I would come home my father also bowl on Sat night his name is RC Newson Sr.

  7. Alisa Turner Says:

    My memories of Palsade Bowl, I’m Alsa Turner, I was the counter girl there from May of 1981 til June of 1992, I’ve met so many great people while there and became friends with a lot them outside of the bowling alley. I also worked with the youth league on Saturday mornings.

  8. Maria Says:

    I use to live across the street from St Catherines.. I use to always look out the window at you guys line up outside before school started… lol

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