Frank Kartheiser (1948)


Bowling Hall of Fame, 1967

All-American, 1926-27, 1927-28, 1929-30, 1931-32

Match-Game champion, 1926-27

Petersen Classic winner, 1924


6 Responses to “Frank Kartheiser (1948)”

  1. Bob Jemison Says:

    Frank was my grandfather. Taught me how to bowl, Unfortunately, it didn’t take.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      The Bowling Museum in Texas has an old silent film short from the 1920s called “Pin Action.” At the very beginning, there’s footage of Frank rolling a couple of shots. You might want to contact the Museum to see it.

  2. Bob Jemison Says:

    Thanks so much for the reply and info J.R.. In what Texas city might the Bowling Museum be located?

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      It’s in Arlington, Texas. My home page blogroll is linked to their website. Just click on “INT’L BOWLING MUSEUM”

  3. Tamara Sharp Says:

    Your grandfather, Frank, bowled with my grandfather, Baxter Reed Sharp, in the Chicago Classic League. I know their team traveled all over the country to bowling tournaments in the 30’s. Frank helped my grandfather and father build a cabin in Nestor Falls, Ontario after the war. We have some very old and fragile silent movie footage of them during the building phase. I never met Mr Kartheiser, but his name was a part of many conversations in our household. I know my grandfather considered him a good friend.
    Tamara Sharp

    • Bob Jemison Says:

      I remember my grandfather Frank speak of fishing in Canada. It’s so cool that we’re ‘related’. Do you recall their team name ?

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