Prima Bowling Lanes

Prima Lanes

2501 S. Kedzie Ave.


12 Responses to “Prima Bowling Lanes”

  1. Sally Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe this place used to be a bowling alley! Now it’s just a nightclub (I know this because I grew up in this area). Man how I wish I used to live back then when this was around.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Fireside Bowl, on Fullerton Avenue, changed over to a dance hall for about 10 years, then switched back to bowling. Maybe the same thing will happen with Prima.

  2. Annette Kalebic Says:

    My grandfather used to own prima bowling alley. Met plenty of fine people there. Wished i could get in contact with some of them. Across the street was a little hotdog stand. They had the best Chicago hotdogs. After the fire our family moved to las vegas. My grand parents n uncle rich have passed on. Those were the good old days. Bad behavior was not tolerated

    • Paul A. Markov Says:

      I used to work as a pin boy and then after I can back from the Army in 1969, i was a bartender. I remember Richard Guido and his father was Sam. That is where I met my wife. I, Paul A. Markov and Michael Giblin also worked there. What a great time in my life. The Guido family was always good to me. Sam’s son Richard became a police officer for Summit, Illinos.

    • Tom Szkodzinski Says:

      I bowled in the Saturday junior league from 1960 to 1967.
      Sam was a great guy who drove our team down to Peoria in 1967 for the State Tournament.
      We would stop at the hotdog place across the street for lunch after bowling.
      A lady named Molly ran the league in the early days.

    • Hunnie Moretti-Wilson Says:

      OMG! I can’t believe I came across this. Prima was my after school and evening home! I was a floating sub for teams missing bowlers. Sam Guido and his son Rick would pick up my fee. I used to stay and clean after. My 298 score burned down in the fire. So sad. Very much a part of my youth.

  3. W. Brzoza Says:

    Started bowling in a Saturday morning junior league back in 1961. I think Sam was the owner and took great care of the kids.

  4. Dave N. Says:

    Krametbauer Shoe store was on the other side of 25th Street. When I needed shoes, my Mom would take me to the shoe store while Dad went bowling. After getting the shoes, we’d cross Kedzie, get a soda or ice cream, then cross back to the bowling alley. As a kid I remember being a little intimidated by all the noise and activity when the lanes were in use.

  5. Jim Says:

    Jim from Fireside. We were not a dance place we always had bowling. We just did slot of bands. We had an inept domain case that hand cuffed us from updating the bowling. But nobody will turn any place back to bowling other than me. Costly and hard work. I did it because of family sentimentality. We always had the Monday night Bucktown/Logan Square bowling and bar league that bowled there for 25 years. That was all we had though. I am sure the owners of Primas have no interest in bowling alleys. Jim

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