Bowler’s Club

Bowler's Club

7736 W. Madison St. (Forest Park)


4 Responses to “Bowler’s Club”

  1. Bob Smola Says:

    The Bowler’s Club would host Sunday night pot games for Chicago’s best bowlers in the late 60’s and early 70’s. My father was one of Chicago’s better bowlers and entered many of these tournaments. One night I saw him string the first 11 strikes from a very extreeme inside shot. He did not lift his last shot and took out the ten pin for a 291 game.

  2. Craig Pagers Says:

    I spent a lot of time bowling a The Bowlers Club owned by Phil Golden. The best was the Sunday Night Sweepers If you were a money bowler including PBA bowlers. I think there was more money in the side action by none bowlers than anything else. There was times I would win and a none bowler would come up, give me more money and say thanks kid, you made me a lot of money. It was a tough bowling alley, nobody averaged 200 in leagues. Times have changed now!

  3. George Koren Says:

    Craig Pagers !!

    Hey !!

    Remember me?

    I’m George, the kid that worked at the Bowler’s Club…

    Late 60’s to mid 70’s

    I was a mechanic there.

    Those were some good days back then.

    I just found this site.

    I hope you still see this message after a year and a half.

    Do ya ever hear from any of the other guys from back ten ?

    I kept working on machines all over the city until 1990.

    Then I moved to Las Vegas.

    I hope you read this !!


  4. Dave Zeno Says:

    Bowled here on Sunday night sweepers and pot games. Won the sweeper and high game one weekend big money back then. Worked at Circle Lanes and we did sweeper on Friday nights after Men’s league. Great place to bowl in 60’s and 70’s.

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