Holiday Bowl

Holiday Bowl (interior-b)

4747 N. Harlem Ave. (Harwood Heights)


9 Responses to “Holiday Bowl”

  1. ccr213 Says:

    THANK YOU! i used to bowl here as a little girl in the 80s and had such idealized fond memories of the loooooooong walk from one end of the alley to the other… the glistening lanes… the ball cleaners… the POOL! do you have MORE pics?? Please post… Thanks!

  2. ccr213 Says:

    yes… the pool room! not swimming pool… when you walked into Holiday Bowl, immediately on the right… pool tables in a separate section… am i remembering this correctly? i was too young to be “allowed” to go by the pool tables… hahaha. So, any other pics of holiday bowl, by chance?

  3. Boland Says:

    My parents and alot of our family members bowled on leagues there, for years,spent many hours in the playroom as a kid,great memories.Can still remember the sound of that place.My family moved out of Hardwood Heights in 1977 so we were not around when it was torn down,we heard about it though,very sad.

  4. Betty Lou Says:

    My dad bowled in a league here for many years. This bowling alley was HUGE!!! They should have never torn it down. Now there is a worthless strip mall in its place. The Axel down the street is gone too. Well no wonder kids are so fat today!

  5. LIL JOE Says:

    J R you are right. It was called The Hub when we were growing up. Later it became the Axel. J S.

  6. Tom Says:

    Great bowling! I bowled there from the day it opened until the day it closed. Played pool! Hung out with friends. Tom, Joe, Waltz, Denny, Bob. Holy Cross High School varsity bowling team home.

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