Woodmac Lanes

Woodmac Lanes

7629 S. Western Ave.

21 Responses to “Woodmac Lanes”

  1. Angie Jerrick Says:

    My dad was one of the owners of Woodmac Bowl. Have many fond memories of good friends and good times. Met the man who became my husband of 38+ years one New Years Eve at Woodmac.

    As far as I know, the building is still there, but I believe it is abandoned. If anyone has any memories or thoughts about the “Mac”, I’d love to read them.


    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      You’re right–the building is still there, and even has a Woodmac sign, but looks abandoned. I often pass it on the way to Evergreen Golf Course. And thanks to you for a charming story.

    • Jim Kazwell Says:

      Memories?!?! Tons of memories. Once a year in June, your Dad & Mom would treat all the kids on Major Ave to an afternoon of bowling, lunch, and all the free pop you could drink! And I drank as much as posible. 🙂 Your parents were truly kind people. They had great Labor Day parties too! I was just too young to really enjoy them. 🙂 Major Ave. was a great place to grow up, and your parents, and Woodmac, were a big part of that.

    • Monica Anderson Says:

      Hi Angie!! Monica here (used to be Ashmont, used to be Barcik). That bowling alley was our second home. Hope you and Mike are doing okay!! Really would like to get in touch with you!! I am on facebook, search for Monica Anderson. Hope to hear from you! Monica

  2. JT Says:

    Does anyone know who currently owns the building/land?

  3. ed huelke Says:

    My mother won a tournament there and was in leagues [1960-1970] before most of the girls went to Evergreen Lanes I think about 97th and just behind [west of] Evergreen Plaza. Bolger Farms dairy was just north of Woodmac and had great homemade ice cream. Old man Bolger [Charlie?] had a number of Clydesdales -before Budweiser? and it was quite impressive when they were hitched up. Gus was bartender at Macs, he bought a shoe repair business lower level Ford City. Made a great kiddie cocktail! Marilyn Wohlers bowled there, Betty Smeaton, Marge Huelke was my mom. Great place, great memories!

  4. c.t. Says:

    i used to spend my 50 cent a week allowance in the snack bar there. got a great big basket of fries!!!

  5. Kevin M. deCuir Says:

    They just tore the building down a couple of weeks ago – it was a wonderful place to bowl

  6. Ed Huelke Says:

    And Gus was a great bartender – whatta KIDDIE cocktail he would make! He had a shoe repair business in the basement at Ford City later on. Ed

  7. Bruce Cleveland Says:

    Grew up there,was good friend with one of the owners son.Had lots of good times there.This was my 1st place bowling that had automatic lanes.Before bowling here I bowled at Western Rec.Does anybody remember that place?I also met my wife at woodmac

  8. Bill Rowe Says:

    My dad worked at Bolger’s Dairy in the early 50s. The bowling lanes were conveniently just down the street and he and his co-workers would go there occasionally after work. Sometimes I would ride with him in his squeaky braked Divco while he delivered milk (the cases were covered with chunks of ice) and afterwards go watch the guys bowl a few games. If my memory has held up over the years, I believe there were still pin boys rolling the balls back to the bowlers and racking the pins between frames.

  9. Allan Says:

    Finally demolished as of 2012, sadly. So sad, since this was always one of those landmarks you noticed, as you traveled on the #49 Western bus. 😦 Never mind that when I took some exterior pics months before demolition, that the latest sticker I could see on the entrance windows was from something like 1992 or 1993.

  10. Monica Anderson Says:

    very sad indeed.. that was our “second home” back in the late 60s and 70s…great place, great people..

  11. Sue Kenyeri Says:

    I bowled in the summer league in 1959-1961where I learned to bowl & went to my first dance at St. Rita. The manager was Eileen F. my friend’s mom. Great memories! Think Dove candy was next door or another, who made the first ice cream bars for 25 cents! We would walk from 83rd and Troy every Saturday! Eileen moved to Colorado with her son and daughter Pat Mickelson!

  12. Jack steffek Says:

    My father-in-law, Hank Surdej, rolled a 300 game at Woodmac.

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