Joe Wilman (1942)

Wilman, Joe (1942)


Bowling Hall of Fame, 1951

#13 Bowler of the 20th Century

Bowler of the Year, 1945-46

All-American, 1941-42, 1944-45, 1945-46, 1947-48, 1950-51, 1953-54

All-Star champion, 1945-46

Match Game Doubles champion, 1946, 1953

6 ABC championships (1939-AE, 1942-T, 1946-AE, 1947–TAE, 1954-T, 1954-TAE)



7 Responses to “Joe Wilman (1942)”

  1. Bill Ottawatz Says:

    This is the first picture I ever saw of Wilman when he wasnt wearing glasses. I recall that he also bowled out of a crouch. He came into instruct at Congress Arcade when I was young. Bill Ottawatz

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Wilman probably started wearing glasses when he went into the Army. If you look at pictures from when he won the All-Star, after WWII, he has the glasses.

  2. Phil Gorski Says:

    My grandfather was a great friend of Joe Wilman and lived next to each other in Berwyn, IL. I was given a leather well worn bowling bag with his name on it and used to have his address card in it but as a kid lost it. It has his name on it and professional advisary staff. I also have a book given to me from him signed. I wonder how much this is worth? Iam thinking of donating it to the hall of fame museum. What should I do??

  3. J.R. Schmidt Says:

    Glad to hear from you! Your best bet with the book would probably be trying to sell it on ebay to a bowling fan. But I don’t know if there’s much of a market for bowling memorabilia in this economy. I bought an autographed copy of Wilman’s “Better Bowling” in a used bookstore years ago, and I remember that it didn’t cost very much. I met Joe Wilman once when I was about 12–he came to Habetler Bowl to give a clinic. Joe Norris told me that when Wilman died, his wife put his favorite bowling ball in the casket at the wake (by his feet, where it wouldn’t show). Norris could spin a good yarn, but I got the feeling that he wasn’t making this one up.

  4. Kath' Stein' Says:

    My dad was a friend of Joe’s. Somewhere we may still have an autographed copy of Joe’s bowling book.

  5. John Soukup Says:

    I grew up a few blocks from Joe and would watch him bowl at the Berwyn bowling alley on Friday nights. I loved his crouched bowling style and tried to emulate him. His style worked better for him than for me.

  6. Bob K Says:

    I knew Joe back in the 60s. He was a really nice guy. I live a couple blocks from his old house now.

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