Archer-Kedzie Recreation

Archer-Kedzie Recreation

4306 S. Kedzie Ave.

5 Responses to “Archer-Kedzie Recreation”

  1. Geno Says:

    Had a buddy named Jerry who worked here, c. 1970. I’d stay up all night with him on occasion, helping him maintain the Brunswick pinsetters.

  2. Wally Says:

    In the late 60’s, bowled many pot games on Saturday afternoon.

  3. gloria gadomski Says:

    In the late 50s there was a man “Coach” who taught my friend Betty to Archer -Kedzie Rec. She became a Professional bowler.. She was very good!

  4. Andrew Kowalczyk Says:

    This was run by the family of one of my teachers from the seminary:
    “Stanley Robert Rudcki (6/13/1927-5/22/2013) was the son of the Polish and Bohemian owners, Stanley Martin Rudcki and Bessie nee Salak, of a past and noted South Side Chicago bowling alley, the Archer-Kedzie Bowl formerly at 4300 S. Kedzie”

  5. Susan Says:

    I remember a man named Ed Ruminski who owned it in the mid-70’s, was probably the last owner, or second to last before it closed forever. I think the building is still there, but boarded up.

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