ABC Boardmen

1971 ABC

Someone asked me about the header of this blog—the guys standing in front of a large bowling scoreboard.  So today I’m posting the source photo.

This picture is from the 1971 ABC Tournament at Detroit.  Before automatic scoring, there was a person seated on a high chair behind each pair who kept score by hand.  The scorekeeper would relay the scores by phone to the guy standing at the large scoreboard above the lanes—the boardman.  Then the boardman hung up the numbers for everyone to see.

On Lane 5, you’ll note that John Korman has an eagle next to his name.  That’s because he was a former ABC champion.  If you took at Lane 13, you can see Paul Krumske’s name.  You can just make out the beginning of his special plaque, which says “Hall of Fame.”  Back in the days when perfect games were rare, if a bowler had rolled a 300 in the ABC, his name would have a plaque with “300.”  (I often wondered what they did for Tony Sparando—he qualified for an eagle and Hall of Fame and 300!)

Also, check out Lane 10.  Hilton Shirts is on the way to winning the 1971 Team All Events championship.

By the way, that’s me getting ready to bowl on Lane 8.  No eagles, but we did cash.


One Response to “ABC Boardmen”

  1. Doug Cooper Says:

    This is a neat photo…..the ‘Streamlane 21’ masking units and ball returns, the seated, gold-coated ABC scorekeepers, and the HOF’ers! Gene Gagliardi, also an ABC titleholder, c.1930’s, worked at many of the national tournaments during the 1960’s and 1970’s. In 1975, I met hall of famer Frank Benkovic at the tourney.

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