Eddie Kawolics (1950)

Kawolics, Eddie (1950)


Bowling Hall of Fame, 1968

All-American, 1946-47

2 ABC championship (1963-T, 1964-TAE)


4 Responses to “Eddie Kawolics (1950)”

  1. Bob Schumacher Says:

    I recall watching Kawolics bowl at either the All-Star in ’55 or ’56 or in another major tournament in Chicago. My dad pointed out to me his unusual style. At the start of his approach he pointed his feet to the right at almost 90 degrees. The he would rotate them left on his heels at different intervals until they were close to straight. When they got to where he thought they should be he was off. As you can see in the picture above he posted nicely.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      When I was a kid, Kawolics used to come to Habetler’s on Saturday morning, to play 3-cushion billiards with Rudy. Of course, I had watched Eddie on TV. So the first time I saw him in person, my first thought was: “He’s not black-and-white; he’s in color!”

  2. Bob Schumacher Says:

    Our Dad, Raymond, was a somewhat skilled 3-cushion billiards player with a real estate office on Irving Park Road across from Portage Park. He was too lazy to work, so it wouldn’t surprise me if during the day he hadn’t at one time been on the tables at Habetler’s.

    I saw Kawolics at F/N, but I don’t recall seeing him at any of my haunts, 20th, Manor, Stratford, Belpark Bowl, or Garden City.

  3. J.R. Schmidt Says:

    Kawolics had an apartment on Cullom near Pulaski, but spent most of his time in bowling alleys. He was such a regular at Faetz-Niesen that he had mail delivered there.

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