Jay-Bee Recreation

Jay-Bee Recreation

2002 W. 51st St.


3 Responses to “Jay-Bee Recreation”

  1. Richard Stachowski Says:

    I lived around the corner of this place. There was an ice cream parlor on the ground floor where we all hung out in the 50’s

  2. Geno Says:

    My brother Jimmy bowled here pretty regularly, in the mid-’60s. I joined him once or twice.

  3. Dave Nichols Says:

    J.R., This is as good a place as any to thank you for all your research and photos of old Chicago bowling alleys. I grew up in Erie, PA which was a micro version of Chicago. However, we had no second floor alleys left in the early 1960s. Jay-Bee represents those great old second floor houses. I love the small houses in this collection: the 4-8-12 lane places. Only the private clubs in Erie had 8 lanes or smaller, and I only got to see three of them. The Erie Club still has two-lanes in use with Brunswick B-10 semi-automatics. I have fun guessing the number of lanes in your photos. I was astounded by seeing old Chicago houses in the 1930s and 40s with like 36 lanes. Incredible. Thanks for all you have done. I’ve only bowled in Chicago once and that was the Petersen back in the 1970s. You are keeping the memories alive for so many people. Bravo!

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