Faetz-Niesen Recreation (Ridge Bowl)

Faetz-Niesen Recreation      (Ridge Bowl)-a

5961 N. Ridge Ave.

Site of the original “Championship Bowling” and numerous other TV bowling shows


12 Responses to “Faetz-Niesen Recreation (Ridge Bowl)”

  1. Mike Adriansen Says:

    Never bowled there, but passed it hundreds of times enroute to my girlfriend’s house to pick her up for dates.

  2. Bob Schumacher Says:

    Well, tell us the rest of the story. Did you marry her?

  3. Doug Cooper Says:

    Is this the center where those old TV bowling shows were filmed back in the 1950’s?

  4. Jim Preston Says:

    I sat pins there when I was 12 years old. 71 now

  5. Ralph Says:

    I never bowled here, but bowled a lot at Calo Bowl just down the street on Clark.

  6. norm berliant Says:


    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Yes he did, both the live matches and the two syndicated film series that were bowled at Faetz-Niesen.

      • dick wagner Says:

        I got a bit off track with the pin setting..Going to Senn High we
        would cut school and watch the filming in the 50’s of the TV
        matches..Later on I bowled in the All Star on Friday nights
        in it’s heyday..What fun..Teamed with Allison one year but
        don’t remember if Pabst was our sponsor.My shirt was given
        to the mechanic next door to the lanes at the end of the year
        in exchange for a battery..a P.S. to this would be a request
        to get access to Chicago Bowler old issues to refresh my
        memories who I bowled for/with/where etc..I left in 63′ for

  7. dick wagner Says:

    Jim Preston was setting pins at Faetz and I was setting em up at
    Clar-Wyn Bowl. I bowled at Faetz in the late fifties when they had
    semi-automatics and also set pins one time but u couldn’t slide the
    pins into position because of the aluminum racks..it was easier at
    the old houses as the pins slid into place easier..I did 4 lanes at
    the same time while my fellow setter ran out to get a quart of beer.

  8. Tim O'Callaghan Says:

    I helped Gene Schmidt and Ed Close Ridge Bowl in 1983 . End of a Great Era……It’s still a car wash now…..Great Stories & Memories. Was working there 1978-83. Never set Pins….But i did do some quick fixing chasing down stray pins and retrieving bowling balls that got stuck!!! It was a Bar with Bowling……Great Times!!

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