Windy City Bowl

Windy City Bowl

2101 S. Cicero Ave. (Cicero)


7 Responses to “Windy City Bowl”

  1. skip justice Says:


    I bowled at:

    New Playdium, Lawrence/Western, Empire, WIndy City
    the Petersen, Gage Park, Drake, Gateway, Bowlium
    Archer/Kedzie, Hoilday.

    Won the Singles tournament at Karlov in 1982.
    Went to Faetz and Niesen to watch the greats of bowling.
    and also Congress Arcade.

    I am currently working on trying to get Rudy Habetler elected into the Illinois Hall of Fame.

    Can’t wait to see more pictures. Also always enjoy your articele in the bowlers journal.

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    You’re welcome, Skip. How many of the old, dead Chicago bowling alleys do you remember?

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  2. Rich Temple Says:

    Thank you for a truly wonderful blog site. I grew up bowling in Chicago, and looking at pictures of these old centers just makes my soul smile. My love affair with bowling started at Windy City Bowl, where I would watch my dad bowl in the First National Bank of Chicago league. From the big glowing pin to the concept of bowling on the second floor, I have such fond memories. Thank you again for this amazing site.

    Rich Temple

    • Bob wells jr Says:

      Gateway bowl on north ave. that’s a place I won’t forget!! Grew up in that place. My dad used to run that place. I Bowles from the min I walked in door till I left!! Slept on the pool tables, hung out in basement with the band that practiced down there, sat in the tower and watched the parking lot. Man those were the days!!

      Windy City bowl. Another great place I basically lived at. The Jansens were an amazing family. Austin Bowl another one

      Miss those old places

  3. Phil Weaver Says:

    This was close to the Cicero ave. “L” and was upstairs. always was busy. Enjoyed it on my summer “tours” of Cicero/Berwyn bowling houses.

  4. Darrell Svoboda Says:

    Bowled at Argo, Ford City, Scottsdale, Cermak Bowl, Wozniak’s on Blue Island, Miami Arena, and Windy City

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