Empire Bowl

Empire Bowl

4423 N. Milwaukee Ave.


5 Responses to “Empire Bowl”

  1. Mike Adriansen Says:

    Home away from home. Actually sent a postcard to the place when I went into the service in 1969. best to all who remember Herman,Ray the bartender, Clarence, and of course the Hill family.

    • J.R. Schmidt Says:

      Mike–Glad to hear from you after all these years. As you can probably tell from the cars, the picture dates from 1976, when the old Sportsman’s League was in its prime. I’ve got pictures of about 60 other dead chicago bowling alleys from that era, and I’ll eventually be posting them.

      By the way, my wife says “hello” to you–she remembers working with you at Musket & Hendricksen when she was still Terri Noncek. Give our good wishes to your brother Don when you next talk to him–the Saturday Charmers League has been falling apart since he left.



  2. Ralph Says:

    I bowled here in summer leagues in the 80’s.

  3. roginski@crccbenefits.org Says:

    Did terri go to holy trinity grade school?

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